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How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

engagement ring

If you’re reading this, congratulations!

Deciding to propose is one of life’s biggest achievements. You’re about to show your other half that you’re ready to make a vow that will last a lifetime.

But first, you’ll need to face that daunting task that puts more pressure on you than a pickaxe mining a diamond. That mission that has you rushing around jewelers with beads of sweat crystallizing across your forehead.

It’s time to choose the perfect engagement ring.

“But how?”

Take a deep breath. We’ve got your back.

Here’s your answers to the questions that are racing around your head before you brave the jewelers.

And, if you’re more of an online shopper, buy your engagement ring online here.


What do I need to research before I buy my engagement ring?

Buying an engagement ring will be one of your biggest purchases in every way - emotionally, mentally and financially - so don’t blind-buy.

Do your research first.

And, to make the process a little smoother, we’ve gathered a list of all the questions you’ll need to know the answers to.

What is your budget?

We explore this question in more detail in our Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring, but the basics of this question is: how much are you willing to spend on your engagement ring?

The common belief that you should hand over 2-3 months worth of your wages for your engagement ring is outdated.

Be realistic about what you can afford without setting you back too much. Remember, once she says ‘yes’, you’ll have an entire wedding to plan. (Psst! Weddings are expensive!)

Tying the knot on a tight budget? Read our ‘10 Ways to Have a Beautiful Wedding on a Budget’

The Knot 2015 Real Weddings Study surveyed 18,000 brides and grooms all over the US. The results showed that Americans are spending an average of $5,871 on their engagement ring.

But, each proposer has their own financial limits. Engagement rings can cost as low as $400, (though we wouldn’t recommend it), while the most expensive engagement ring in the world is $8.8 million dollars, owned by the Queen of jewelry, Elizabeth Taylor.

At the end of the day, your budget is determined by you. It’s set by your limits. No matter what your budget, you will find something beautiful.

If you find the perfect ring and it’s not at the top end of your budget? More in the bank account for the big day! #weddingwins!


What is her ring size?

Ring size chart

While it’s not the end of the world if you can’t discover her ring size, it would be beneficial. Ring sizes are measured in numbers, ranging from 3 to 9.

You can take her day-ring to the jewelers and ask them to measure it for you. Or, you could be sneaky and ask her bestie to find out for you. (Her BFF probably already knows!)

Don’t panic! If her ring is too tight or too loose, you’ll be able to get it resized. But, if you’re reading this, you strike me as the type of person who wants everything to be perfect. So, to create that jaw dropping moment, it’s best to put the extra investigation in and nail her ring size.


Is her best friend or family member free for a shopping spree?

Not to add to the pressure or anything, but when she says ‘yes’, she’ll be wearing this ring for the rest of her life.

Unless she’s been sending you Pinterest links to her dream engagement ring, consider taking someone who knows your partner well with you.

Just make sure you take someone who can keep a secret. Some good options are her mom, sister, cousin or best friend(s).


What type of engagement ring should I buy?

Engagement rings are more than just their carat and shine. As a whole, you’ll need to know and understand the 4 C’s. We created a fifth "C", and for good reason.

C #1 - Clarity

Lab grown diamonds, like mined diamonds, are formed under intense heat and pressure, so when they’re ‘born’, they usually have a few birthmarks or blemishes. A flawless lab-diamond is remarkably rare, and, of course, the rarer the diamond, the more valuable it is.

diamond clarity

Luckily, you don’t need to be a gemologist to know the clarity levels of your diamond. The GIA Clarity Scale has 12 grades to determine how clear or blemished the diamond is. It considers “the size, nature, position, color or relief, and quantity of clarity characteristics visible under 10× magnification.”

C #2 - Cut

You have undoubtedly heard this term before. The diamond cut is very often confused with the diamond shape – there’s a big difference. When you’re looking at the standard of the cut, you’re looking at the quality of how the diamond has been crafted and shaped. It’s the only C that is entirely manipulated by the diamond cutter and how well it’s done will hugely impact the retail price.

diamond cut

The cut of the diamond is also referred to as the ‘shape’ of the stone. But it’s more than just the shape.

Each cut has been shaped differently, meaning the light will be reflected in the cut’s unique way.

There are 10 popular shapes. Your job is to determine which shape reflects the style and personality of your bride-to-be.

C #3 - Color

“What? A diamond is see-through. What do you mean ‘color’?”

We hear that a lot. This doesn’t refer to colored diamonds but the state of discoloration. The whiter the diamond, the higher it is in value.

diamond color scale

Gemologists test this by measuring the amount of light that is able to pass through the stone. The more the light can penetrate through the diamond, the shinier it will be.

C #4 - Carat

Let’s bust some myths: the carat is not the size of the diamond.

Instead, it’s the diamond’s weight. Put simply, the carat of a diamond is how heavy the diamond is. There are 200mg to 1 carat. Each carat is subdivided into 100 points.

carat weight

But, you should remember: the cut of the diamond will impact the carat.

C #5 - Creativity

The beauty of the modern world is that there are jewelers that will personalize this experience for you. Here at Engagement Designs, we value the creative process of getting engaged.

Designing the perfect engagement ring shows your partner how well you know her. It demonstrates added effort and makes your special moment that much more special. How loved will she feel when she owns a ring unlike any other in the world?

Complete exclusivity. Because the love between you and your partner is as rare as the ring on her finger.

We believe in love. And we value the love that comes from creativity.


How do I know what type of engagement ring she wants?

With hundreds of thousands on the market, finding the perfect engagement ring without asking your partner can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

But, it doesn’t need to be that way.

We’ve got 3 top tips to help you put on your Sherlock Holmes’ hat, whip out your magnifying glass and find that needle with no stress.

1. Look at her style. We mean really look.

Knowing your partner’s style will help enormously when picking out her engagement ring.

Does she wear sweats and baggy jumpers? Frilly dresses? Jeans and heels? Every person has their own unique dress style, which makes selecting the perfect engagement ring that much easier.

If she opts for loud colors and enjoys the spotlight, it’s likely that she’ll prefer a dramatic engagement ring with a sparkle of difference.

More traditional women enjoy the classic cuts and styles. But, of course, appearance isn’t everything.

2. Who is she? Use her personality to find the perfect engagement ring.

No one knows your fiancee-to-be like you. So, zone in on that knowledge. Is she a vintage collector? A ‘sunshine-on-a-rainy-day’ kind of woman? A traditionalist?

Think about her love of celebrities. Meghan Markle’s engagement ring was pinned to the top of thousands of women’s Pinterest boards for months. As was Twilight’s Bella Swan’s engagement ring.

Write down her characteristics and keep your notes stored somewhere secret. When you buy your engagement ring, keep these personality traits in mind.

3. She’s been planning this moment with her bestie for her whole life. Use that.

Weddings and proposals are common talking points among women. Chances are, her best friend already knows the ring your partner has always dreamed of.

Take advantage of their childhood dreams and ask questions.

If you think she’s able to keep a secret, ask her flat out. If not, be prepared to do some digging!


Want more top tips for knowing how to find the perfect engagement ring? Download our ultimate guide here and start your journey to forever on the right hand!

Jae Brilliant-The Ultimate Guide
Download PDF • 22.69MB

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