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The Perfect Engagement Ring

We understand that you may want to design your engagement ring to your own unique style. Or maybe you saw a ring that you liked online or in-store. Just send us a picture of it, and we'll create a replica that is still unique and beautiful.

Design A Ring

The Design Process 

Engagement Ring



Upload your design.


Whether you're uploading an image from Pinterest or your own sketch, we can ensure that the final ring mirrors your exact design. 

Engagement Ring



We'll create a digital-aided design (CAD). Then email the CAD to you for any modifications and approval. 

We can also ship a wax prototype for an in-person approval to make sure you're 100% satisfied with the ring. 

Engagement Ring



After you approve the design we'll start the process in creating the final product. 

When complete, we'll ship your ring to you with zero shipping cost.

Design Your Dream Ring!

Enter your information here and upload an image. 

A member of our team will reach out to discuss and answer any questions.

Upload File

Thank You! We'll reach out to you shortly.

Design A Ring
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