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5 Engagement Ring Trends in 2021

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

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We had to deal with a hot mess of a year in 2020. It was one thing after another and the whole planet couldn’t catch a break. But the one thing that couldn’t be touched, not even by a global pandemic, was love.

We’re taught, from a young age, the love is the antidote to everything. It’s love that brings us together. And, in a year full of such uncertainty, it’s no surprise that proposal season couldn’t be halted. It remained as busy as ever, further proving that, as long as we have the people who are most important to us, we can move forward.

In fact, COVID19 festered a whole new outlook on life. We’ve never seen such creativity, from ring designers to small businesses to the couples themselves.

Whether you’ve had your dream ring picked out since you were 4 years old and you’re spending every hour of every day ‘dropping hints’, (ie: singing ‘if you like it then you NEED TO put a ring on it’), or you’re only now picturing your perfect engagement ring, this post will help. Knowing the latest engagement ring trends allows you to nod or shake your head, narrowing down your hunt for the ideal piece of bling.


ring engraving

Engagement Ring Trend 1: Sentiment Comes First

In a year full of sky high levels of uncertainty, it’s only natural that couples are craving some control when buying their engagement ring. The method of proposing that you’ve been dreaming of may not have been possible. Proposing in the middle of a flash dance, for instance, isn’t very ‘social distanc-y’ of you.

So, if that had to go on the back burner, being selective and putting a unique stamp on your engagement ring seems like the obvious choice.

Couples are relying heavily on the right engagement ring to tell their story. It’s all about those ‘hidden’ little details that speak the couple’s love language.

People gained extra time and space in 2020, and, to some extent, couples are still experiencing this.

They’ve had the time to really think about what they, or their partner, truly wants. Before they were given this additional time, many proposers dashed around the shops with no clear idea of what they wanted or what they’re doing.

But, with the extra time they’ve had to plan their proposal, they’ve realized that they want a super personal, unique and thoughtful engagement ring. And they’ve had to be creative with their ideas.

There’s been a massive surge in couples searching for alternative style rings. Seeing as the whole world has changed in some way, shape or form, it’s unsurprising that we’re looking for a new normal.

These alternative rings are super sentimental. They generally have unique cuts or have a custom designed setting. Engraved rings have soared in interest, too.

Engraved rings are the perfect way to capture little ‘coupleisms’. Secret messages - inside jokes, adorable pet names and references to things only you and your partner know about - are all the rave right now. And we love it.

In short, couples are trying to incorporate extra layers of sentiment and love into their engagement rings.


wedding band

Engagement Ring Trend 2: Band Style Rings

2021 has felt the knock on effects on 2020. But, in this case, we see it as a blessing in disguise.

There’s been a soaring increase in couples choosing band engagement rings rather than single stone engagement rings.

We think this comes from the financial difficulties that 2020 pushed on many couples around the globe. Since a lot of weddings have been delayed and funds are a little, (or a lot), tighter, it’s unsurprising that couples are looking for a ring that doubles up as both an engagement ring and a wedding ring.

By selecting a band rather than a single stone engagement ring, the band serves 2 purposes.

While this is a fairly new concept for us, it’s actually a pretty common approach to engagements in Europe. They’ve been doing this for years!

Lots of countries in Europe don’t give 2 rings as we do. Instead, they propose with either a wedding or eternity band which then behaves as a wedding band once they’ve tied the knot.

Bands don’t miss out on any of the beauty of a single stone engagement ring. They’re just as mesmerizing and help with the bank balance.

Plus, because sanitization was such a big deal in 2020, (and continues to be in 2021), bands are the more hygienic option. They’re much easier to clean and care for and can tolerate the constant hand washing.


engagement ring

Engagement Ring Trend 3: Classic With a Twist

While some couples are going all out and picking a totally unique ring, others are keeping it classic with a personalized, modern twist.

It’s no surprise, really. Because so many people are unable to go to a jewelers or showroom in person, they’re relying on the classics to please their partner. Couples were more likely to select an unusual ring when they were able to try it on. So, it’s only natural that classics are making a comeback.

But, like we said: we’re adapting to the new normal.

By incorporating a modern twist, we’re applying the ‘new’ to ‘normal’. Proposers are able to feel confident in their classic choice, but their personalization allows them to take a little risk.

There’s far more focus on making sure the diamond really pops, so classic cuts like the round, cushion and oval are super popular in the early stages of 2021.

Again, this trend is based on the tiny details. These touches elevate an engagement ring from ‘traditional’ to ‘classic with a modern twist.’ Engraved rings and details in the band carry this weight, along with the outline of the stone.


euro cut diamond

Engagement Ring Trend 4: Heirloom Inspired Classic European Cuts

Legacy is hot right now.

And, based on the way last year went, we’re not surprised.

Couples are searching for a ring that they can pass down to their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren and so on, so forth. They’re choosing rings that give them that feeling, and it’s unsurprising that the retro style provokes a real special vibe.

Last year, we were pulled apart from our family members.

I don’t know about you, but all I wanted to do was give my grandparents a hug. So, it’s obvious that couples are feeling nostalgic. Because they’ve been kept apart from their families for so long, the natural conversation goes toward passing down a legacy.

This trend is beautiful because it shows the start of new family traditions, which, in years to come, will no longer be ‘new’ but honored.

Choosing heirloom inspired classic European cuts connects modern day love stories to old-school, vintage styles. These rings make the point of family first and leaving a beautiful legacy.

The rings themselves get us all hyped up because of their super unique faceting patterns. Every ring is different and their beauty will last a lifetime.

virtual shopping

Engagement Ring Trend 5: Virtual Engagement Ring Shopping

Online shopping was the go-to in 2020. People were buying things from Amazon that they, let’s be honest, did not need. But, boredom leads to retail therapy.

And it’s clear, now more than ever, that we’re living in a totally virtual world.

Jewelers and designers had to hop onboard this ever-evolving, constantly-progressing train and had to be super creative in the way they took their businesses online. A tall ask considering they sold a product that ‘needed to be tried on’.

But, this opened up a whole world for engagement ring shops, which came with a whole new clientele.

COVID sparked couples into action. As the pandemic continued to spread and worsen, waiting for it to pass to go and buy an engagement ring was no longer an option.

Not only did couples have no idea when the pandemic would come to an end, but countless couples experienced grief and heartbreak which pushed them to no longer wait for moments that bring joy.

With so much uncertainty, couples could take control and demonstrate their love for one another by popping the question. So, with jewelers closed, they resorted to buying an engagement ring online.

And the results have been wonderful.

Not only are the rings more personalized and thoughtful, but couples in the world have shown their support to smaller, more local businesses. Small businesses have had it rough during COVID, but the community rallied round them and made a conscious effort to support them by purchasing their products when needed.

Customers have found that this is the way forward - even when the pandemic does finally end. Couples have been able to get to know the designer behind the brand and have experienced exceptional customer service. Small businesses are, (generally speaking), more focused on customer service and creating an unbeatable experience for their clients.

Smaller businesses have gone above and beyond to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Small businesses like ours know the weight they carry when you come looking for an engagement ring. Especially at such a volatile time like this.

So, we’ve embraced the new normal and found ways to give couples the certainty they need when making such a massive commitment with their engagement ring.

Which trend is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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