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Why You Should Buy an Engagement Ring Online

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

‘Should I buy an engagement ring online?’ ‘What are the risks for buying an engagement ring online?’ ‘Is buying an engagement ring online lazy?’

This week’s blog post uncovers the truth about buying an engagement ring online. Misconceptions have left thousands of US citizens wary and doubtful about the better way to shop for an engagement ring.

We’ve heard it a hundred times before.

“What if it turns up and looks nothing like the photo?”

“What if it doesn’t fit my partner?”

“What if she hates it?”

“What if she thinks it’s a cop-out and it’s lazy?”

Those are all perfectly reasonable doubts. But, misguided. And today we’re going to bust some myths and show you why buying an engagement ring online is the way forward for your confidence, your wallet and your partner. (Those are not in order of importance.)

Do people buy engagement rings online?

The simple answer is ‘yes, of course’. In fact, the number of engagement rings sold online is growing by over 20% annually.

As technology advances, the risks are becoming ever-slimmer, the cost is reducing and buying an engagement ring online is becoming all the more appealing.

At Engagement Designs, we make the process of buying an engagement ring online as easy as saying ‘I do’. With a massively reduced cost and a process easier than singing the ABC’s, there’s really no reason to discount buying an engagement ring online.

What are the risks of buying an engagement ring online?

We totally understand. This is a big purchase. In fact, it’s probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make because of the promise you’re making, (as well as the cost of the ring and the wedding).

So, of course, it’s natural to consider the pitfalls or the risks that come with making this purchase.

When technology hadn’t yet advanced, concerns like ‘what if it doesn’t look anything like the picture?’ or ‘what if it doesn’t fit?’ may weigh heavily on your mind. But, nowadays? The world has changed. Technology has evolved.

Here at Engagement Designs, we offer virtual viewings so you’re able to see the ring from every angle in all different types of lighting.

Simply find a few rings you like the look of and book a virtual viewing with us. We’ll hop on a call so you can get 100% of your questions answered. We’re intertwining traditional jewelers with technological advancement. Trust us, it’s an awesome combo.

Isn’t buying an engagement ring online a cop out?

Many people avoid buying an engagement ring online because they feel they’ll have done a disservice to their partner. They believe that they should brace each and every jeweler in the city to nail down the perfect ring for the perfect proposal. They feel that turning to an online jeweler is a ‘cop out’ or is ‘lazy’. They believe that this takes less effort than walking around the shops. Of course, while we understand, we disagree.

Here at Engagement Designs, we offer a bespoke ‘Design Your Own Engagement Ring’ service. What shows more care and thought, really? Walking around a few shops and looking at a range of rings or combining your love and understanding for your partner to create something truly unique, beautiful and perfectly representative of her?

So, what’s the process of buying an engagement ring online?

At Jae Brilliant, we pride ourselves on offering an unbeatable, easy service. Simply visit our website and browse through our existing rings. Whether you’re looking for a classy solitaire ring, a classic 3 stone design, a glamorous halo ring or a unique twist design, you can bet that you’ll find something stunning to represent your love for your partner.

But, if you want to go the extra mile, you can design your own ring.

Nobody on the planet will have the same engagement ring as your partner, making it as unique as your relationship. What a beautiful way to start your journey as husband and wife!

Designing your own ring has never been easier. A simple 3-step process where you:

  1. Upload your design. Whether you’re uploading an image from Pinterest or your own sketch, we can ensure that the final ring mirrors your exact design.

  2. We'll create a digital-aided design (CAD). Then email the CAD to you for any modifications and approval. We can also ship a wax prototype for an in-person approval to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the ring.

  3. After you approve the design we'll start the process in creating the final product. When complete, we'll ship your ring to you with zero shipping costs.

You’ll then have the option to book a virtual viewing.

If you’ve got your eye on more than one engagement ring and you want to see them in all their glory, a virtual viewing will make it clear which one is the one.

You’ll be scheduled in with a member of our team who can answer all your questions and put your worries to bed.

Your purchase will be straight from our site, with no need to open a thousand and one browsers in one go. What could be easier?

How do I know her size?

Ring size is always one of the biggest pressure points when purchasing your engagement ring. Luckily for you, we have a sizing chart in our free guide to choosing the perfect engagement ring. You can download our Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring here.

Still unsure? No problemo! That’s what we’re here for. Simply book a virtual viewing with us so we can run through sizing to make sure the engagement ring you pick is a perfect match.

What if she opens the package when I’m not home?

We’ve thought about everything. Don’t sweat it. Every ring comes in a discreetly packaged box so, if it was to fall into her hands, she’d think nothing of it.

But, if you know your partner is curious and isn’t used to deliveries, why not opt for an office delivery Or have it delivered to a family member or friend’s house?

Wherever you choose to have your new engagement ring delivered, rest assured: your secret’s safe with us.

What if I don’t like it when it arrives?

We know how important this purchase is. We know that there’s a lot riding on it. And we know that you need to know that this is 100% risk free.

If you’ve purchased an engagement ring without using the ‘design your own ring’ service and you’re not completely and utterly satisfied with your engagement ring, then don’t panic! We have a hassle-free, 30 day return policy. We’ll even arrange to have it collected directly from your front door. Meaning, if she dislikes it, it can simply be returned and you’ll have lost nothing.

If you have used the ‘create your own ring’ service, you’ll be sent a CAD design and have the option to get a wax prototype sent to you for your approval. If you’re not happy with it, we modify it. That way, you can guarantee that you’ll be as in love with your ring as you are with your partner.

With 100% free return insurance, zero shipping cost and organized pick-ups to ensure she doesn’t open the door with heightened curiosity and spoil the surprise, we can confirm that our process is 100% risk free.

Buying an engagement ring online:

We’re living in a purely digital age. While there are elements of the internet that can cause some concern, the truth is: it’s revolutionized the way we shop. Pretty soon, the term ‘online shopping’ will be replaced with just plain ‘shopping’. E-commerce is the new normal.

And, while this creates doubts and fears, once it’s demystified, it’s clear that buying an engagement ring online is far less risky than buying one at a jewelers. With the equivalent customer service, (if not more), your ability to create your very own design and help being a click away, it’s clear that buying an engagement ring online is the way forward.

If you’re planning on buying your engagement ring online but you have doubts, let us help you. Just shoot us a message or book a virtual viewing and let’s get you one massive step closer to popping the question.

Or, check out our collections and buy an engagement ring online today.

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