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The Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations (Part 4)

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

honeymoon destination

Getting married is one of the most magical experiences of your life. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not simultaneously one of the most stressful, too. That’s the main reason why we welcome a honeymoon with such excitement.

With so many places on your bucket list, it’s tricky to decide where to choose for your honeymoon. Here’s part 4 of our best romantic honeymoon destinations.

Haven’t read the other parts yet?

Honeymooning is one of the highlights of tying the knot.

While the wedding brings your friends and family together to celebrate the love between you and your partner, the honeymoon is a time where you’re able to enjoy each other. Alone. Without hundreds of eyes on you.

And, after all the stress that comes with planning a wedding, your honeymoon is a welcomed escape from reality.

But, before you can escape the stress and live out the honeymoon of a lifetime, you first need to decide where you’re going to go.

There are so many things to organize.

“Where should we go on our honeymoon?”

“Where should we stay?”

“What activities should we do on our honeymoon?”

“When should we go on our honeymoon?”

Questions swirl around your mind. Despite it being a positive experience, planning your honeymoon is no easy task.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve made it ultra-easy for you by creating 4 posts about the best romantic honeymoon destinations around the world.

Each post has 3 honeymooning locations. But we don’t just stop there.

We’ve put all those spiraling questions to bed.

This isn’t an empty countdown.

You’re going to discover:

  • the best places to stay

  • the most romantic destinations around the world

  • the best time of the year to shoot off

  • the main activities available there

  • The type of couple best suited to this honeymoon

We even tell you where you’ll have seen the destination in movies, so you can research by kicking back and watching Netflix. (We’ve heard that eating popcorn and drinking a glass of wine helps info retention.)

So, now that you’ve read part 1, part 2, and part 3, let’s get rolling with our fourth and final part of the best, romantic honeymoon destinations.

The Galapagos

1. The Galapagos

Animal lover? Your visit to The Galapagos will be enriched with wildlife.

You’ll spot giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, sea lions, iguanas, brightly colored birds, hammerhead sharks, and manta rays.

There’s no other way of saying it: In The Galapagos, Mother Nature is the queen.

And those who venture into Mother Nature’s prime land must both respect and follow that.

It’s down to that very mindset that The Galapagos is one of the world’s most revered and remote ecosystems.

If you’re all about conservation and admire all things eco-friendly, you’ll feel right at home here.

You may know a few bits and bobs about The Galapagos because of Charles Darwin’s outstanding book ‘On the Origin of Species.’

This was written after being inspired by the natural spectacles and discoveries he pieced together revolving around evolution.

But, just because The Galapagos respects nature, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be ‘roughing it.’ Quite the contrary, actually.

Out of 20 islands in The Galapagos, only 3 are inhabited. That leaves 17 islands to explore, just as Charles Darwin did. The best way? Via boat.

You can book yacht trips, as well as guides on catamarans and modern, luxurious cruise ships. So, why not island-hop in style?

And you can bet that you’ll never be unable to move around based on tourists. In fact, visitors within Galapagos National Park are regulated to avoid putting too much of a strain on the natural world. Plus, permits are given to watercraft within limits to keep the waters clean.

Snorkeling and diving should be high on your to-do list when honeymooning in The Galapagos. That said, we do advise that you take a light wetsuit with you.

When visiting this spectacular collection of islands, you’ll quickly catch on that you are the guest in the animal’s world.

So, for animal lovers, there’s truly no place better.

And the best thing about it is that every month offers new natural wonders.

In January, for example, you’ll see hundreds of green sea turtles land on the beach to lay their eggs.

In February and March, you’ll see iguanas in their masses, nesting peacefully.

While in the fall months, you’ll see the adorable sea lion pups being born and flopping around with their siblings.

Where shall I stay in The Galapagos for my honeymoon?

There are so many things to see in The Galapagos. But, based on the amount of walking, exploring, hiking, and swimming you’ll be doing, it’s highly likely that you’ll need a few days of rest. It’s your honeymoon, after all. So, only the best will do.

Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel

Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel’s website states, “your experience in the Galapagos Islands should be as unique and natural as you are.”

So with that in mind, they pull out all the stops to ensure that, when you return home, you won’t be able to stop talking about your stay.

You’ll be able to see beautiful animals without stepping foot outside the hotel. Giant tortoises often visit the seasonal ponds in the summer months. Plus, a variation of colorful birds will stop off at the ponds for a quick drink.

You’ll see the famous Darwin Finches, Dark Billed Cuckoos, and Galapagos Mockingbirds, to name but a few.

When it comes to personal service, you don’t get much better than Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel.

From home cooking, complete nature guides, and nothing being ‘too much’ to ask, you’ll want for nothing.

Plus, we adore the hammocks you can lay on while watching the stars as newlyweds on your own private patio.

Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel is an outstanding choice when honeymooning in The Galapagos.

Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel

Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel embraces adventure and serves it to you with force. They guarantee “safe and unforgettable Galapagos adventures.” And they do it in such style.

This hotel sits calmly on the beachfront, allowing you to sample the harmony of birdsong with the rolling waves on the sand.

You can also book a journey of the islands in style with their private yacht, sampling the Galapagos’ wonders on land and sea.

Finch Bay is determined to be the connection between you and the island, stating that the “hotel allows you to feel the island’s essence.”

It’s situated in Puerto Ayora. When leaving your room, you step right onto the beach. It truly is an island paradise.

This is The Galapagos, after all. So, wildlife is more than embraced in this hotel. And having feathery and scaly visitors is inevitable.

Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel also offers delicious cuisine, using only fresh, local ingredients from their own veggie garden.

We’ve read a lot of reviews. The winning dish seems to be the sustainable slipper lobster.

Book treatments at the award-winning spa, sample delicacies from The Galapagos in the restaurant, and rest assured that you are choosing an eco-friendly way of honeymooning.

Finch Bay states that “the only footprints we want to leave are in the sand.”

As such, they use rainwater, energy-saving measures. They’re all about recycling, and the staff cleans the beach daily.

We love this honeymoon destination because:

  1. The fact that Charles Darwin was inspired here is contagious. There’s nowhere in the world where you’ll find yourself saying ‘wow’ quite as much as The Galapagos.

  2. Wildlife and sustainability galore.

  3. The stars scatter around every inch of the night sky. It’s incredibly romantic.

What activities can you do as newlyweds at this honeymoon destination?

  1. Hiking

  2. Swimming

  3. Walking

  4. Bird watching

  5. Exploring

Best time to go to The Galapagos?

The Galapagos islands are close to the Equator, making it a great destination to visit all year round. That said, there is a warmer, more tropical rainy season, which makes the surroundings even greener. This is December through to May.

If you’re not keen to get wet, book your honeymoon to the Galapagos between June and November. While drier, the wind is a welcomed breeze.

Perfect for couples who:

Are all about sustainability and wildlife.

They’re looking for an escape from city life and want to ‘get back to basics’ without camping in a tent.

They want the balance of luxury honeymoon and natural spectacles.

Where will I have seen The Galapagos before?

You’ll have seen The Galapagos Islands’ clips in ‘180° South’ (2010) and ‘Master Commander: The Far Side of the World’ (2003).

New Zealand

2. New Zealand

Looking for jaw-dropping scenery and romantic expeditions?

Look no further than New Zealand.

Every part of New Zealand is full of Kiwi charm. And while most visitors are attracted to the South (particularly Queenstown), the North is just as beautiful.

Set some time aside to visit Waiheke Island. It’s a 35-minute ferry ride from Aukland and can be described in 3 words:

Art. Food. Wine.

The island is full of quaint coves, mystical water, and stunning bays. No wonder it’s been described as a Bohemian paradise.

Zip-lining, culture, and local wine: you must make time for Waiheke Island.

New Zealand is a fantastic place to practice your foraging skills. And, when you do so with your new spouse, you’ll be amazed at how romantic it is.

What makes New Zealand, so incredibly special is the local people. They’re so laid back that they’re nearly vertical. And you’re welcomed by the Kiwi’s the moment you step foot in NZ.

If we’re honest, you start to ponder why your own mindset isn’t as relaxed as theirs.

I guarantee you’ll return from your honeymoon to New Zealand with a calmer, more relaxed approach to life.

Where shall I stay in New Zealand for my honeymoon?

New Zealand might not be the most common honeymoon destination. Still, for many couples, the rolling hills, mysterious coves, brilliant bays, and green surroundings are paradise. Here’s where we suggest you stay during your honeymoon in New Zealand.

Helena Bay

Helena Bay sits in the North of the island.

While most tourists gravitate toward the South, the North offers just as much beauty with fewer people. A honeymoon, of course, is time for you and your new spouse. And the fewer people around, the better.

Helena Bay stretches over 2 miles of pristine coastline. They even have 4 private beaches, so you can be sure that your sunset dip is pretty damn exclusive.

There are countless secretive, intimate coves for romantics. If we’re honest, you could spend the entire honeymoon in the water. Your skin would be all wrinkly, but you’d have a fantastic time.

Helena Bay prides itself on being “the ultimate romantic escape.”

It’s probably something to do with the stunning views over the Pacific Ocean.

Or, perhaps it’s the continuous sound of the waves crashing against the sand.

Or, it could be the roaring, outdoor fire pit.

There are formal and informal dining areas, a 25-meter heated pool, a library, a gym, and a sauna to top it off.

Luxury Lodges New Zealand

Luxury Lodges are the proud owners of 13 luxury-lodge resorts scattered around New Zealand.

Each and every resort offers something unique to the newlyweds.

One thing remains the same, though. You’ll return home with hundreds of new memories.

Our favorite from all 13 (though it was almost impossible to decide) is in Annandale.

Here, the farmyard meets beach vacation. It’s a collaboration I didn’t know I needed until I saw it.

Annadale’s website tells you, “stay where the world can’t find you.” It encapsulates everything a couple is looking for after the stress of a wedding. It’s all about escaping the busy normalities of city life.

There’s nothing more romantic than the rolling farmland, vast skies, and glittering waters of the Pacific.

You’ll be able to taste and smell the authentic, fresh air.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Air is air.”

I used to think so, too.

But I guarantee you’ll say otherwise after staying here.

Within Annadale, you have a few choices of lodge style.

For example, Seascape has been described as “a sparkling jewel in Annadale’s crown: a picturesque private bay, above which an ultra-modern retreat provides a truly romantic experience for 2.”

Modern lovers, Seascape, will exceed your expectations.

If, however, you’re excited by the sound of a cozy cottage with a roaring log fire, check out Shepherd’s Cottage. It’s been described as having an “isolated and historic ambiance.”

Annadale’s been the World Travel Awards winner for ‘World’s Leading Experiential Luxury Property’ in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

You’ll be able to hire your own personal chef who uses farm exclusively to table ingredients. Plus, if you fancy popping out on a picnic, the chef will prep your picnic food for you.

On top of that, book a cooking class with professional chefs and learn how to produce excellent Kiwi delicacies.

While your lodge is serene, don’t be tempted to spend your entire honeymoon inside. Make the most of the guided hiking and cycling sessions and the scenic tours.

And, don’t forget to book an exploration of the waters. See dolphins, fur seals, blue penguins, and bird colonies in a kayak. You’ll be close enough to touch them.

You’ll be perfectly safe being led by the local guides.

We love this honeymoon destination because:

  1. The scenery will take your breath away.

  2. It’s a total escape from routine life.

  3. You’ll feel like you’re in a fantasy novel wherever you turn.

  4. The local people are charming.

  5. Food. Art. Wine.

What activities can you do as newlyweds at this honeymoon destination?

  1. Kayaking

  2. Cooking classes

  3. Hiking

  4. Cycling

  5. Swimming (the ocean and the coves)

Best time to go to New Zealand?

Because New Zealand isn’t a tropical destination, it opens up the opportunity of visiting whenever it suits you and your new spouse. The summer season is between December and February, and the weather is at its best. That said, with the warmer weather comes masses of tourists, which increases the price.

Going in the fall months of March to May is an excellent choice as you’ll see vivid shades of orange, brown, red, and gold everywhere you turn. It’s also far less busy.

Or, booking your honeymoon in New Zealand during the spring (which is between September and November) is an equally attractive choice.

Ski season is coming to an end (ski season begins in June and ends in the first week of October), so the mountains are still standing tall with their snowy hats.

But, beneath the mountains, the landscape is full of flowers and bright, vibrant colors.

Plus - baby lambs.

‘Nuff said.

You could also book in Winter (June to August). It’s cold in the mountains, which makes it an excellent opportunity for skiers. However, the winter season is relatively mild and short on the ground level.

Perfect for couples who:

Feel exclusivity is a real priority when honeymooning.

These couples will enjoy physical activity. You’ll also be un-phased by cooler temperatures, and you’re looking to make memories that last a lifetime, rather than a tan, which will fade in a few weeks.

Where will I have seen New Zealand before?

Famously, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ saga, (2001-2003), was filmed all around New Zealand. That’s why the second you step foot in New Zealand, you’ll feel like you’re on an expedition to slay dragons and live happily ever after.

If you’re not a fan of LOTR, you’ll have seen the beautiful surroundings of New Zealand in Wolverine (2009).


3. Rwanda

We’re ending our list with a unique, romantic honeymoon destination.

Rwanda isn’t immediately pictured when someone asks, “what’s the most romantic honeymoon destination?”

But, in our opinion, it indeed should be.

A word of caution, though. Rwanda isn’t for everyone.

While some newlyweds would adore it, others would find the experience tricky.

In short: Rwanda is a place for adventure. And that adventure is the adventure of a lifetime.

Like The Galapagos, Rwanda values sustainability and loves its wildlife.

Going on a safari here will offer you close views of lion prides, troops of monkeys, the endangered black rhinos, and so many more astounding animals.

There are many opportunities for physical activity. Hiking, kayaking, and cycling should play significant roles in your itinerary. Especially when visiting Lake Kwu.

If you love hiking, block out time to climb Mount Sabinyo. This is a super-challenging hike, but the views are worth their height in gold. (See what I did there?)

All that discovery and adventure can be exhausting. But you’re in the right place for a caffeine hit.

Appeal to your inner coffee addict.

Rwandan coffee is some of the best in the world due to the high altitude of production. Coffee from Rwanda is described as having a dark and fruity flavor. If you choose to honeymoon in Rwanda, you have to try the coffee.

(The tea is also brilliant. It’s just as delicious but less known.)

Keep that adrenaline pumping with a private helicopter tour over the Rwandan hills, taking your love to new heights. Literally.

And, don’t forget to explore the local markets. They’ll be unlike any market you’ve been to.

Splashed with color, you’ll sample tropical fruit that explodes on the tip of your tongue.

Plus, make sure you purchase a traditional Agaseke basket to take home with you.

Rwanda is all about living life on ‘play’ and soaking up the many opportunities everywhere you turn.

It’s a honeymoon destination that will change your life forever.

And you’ll look back at your time in Rwanda full of stories and a whole new perspective on life.

Where shall I stay in Rwanda for my honeymoon?

Rwanda is a honeymoon destination like no other. You’ll be experiencing the adventures and culture Rwanda has to offer. So, it’s only fitting that you stay somewhere that reflects those same values.

Bisate Lodge

Bisate Lodge is next to Volcanoes National Park. As soon as you see the lodges, you feel respect for nature and wildlife.

Bisate Lodge is “located in the natural amphitheater of an eroded volcanic cone,” which sounds as majestic as it truly is.

Each lodge has views of the Bisoke and Karisimbi volcanoes, standing tall amidst the Afro-alpine forests.

Staying at Bisate Lodge on your honeymoon promises exclusivity. There’s no way out of it, really, as there are only 6 lodges available. These 6 lodges all have ensuites and large double beds. The vision behind Bisate Lodge was to provide luxurious accommodation with high levels of comfort. All while being respectful to the booming wildlife surrounding the resort.

In fact, Bisate Lodge is the first eco-sensitive and luxurious safari lodge in Rwanda. It was built to facilitate the most immersive wild primate experience you’ll ever be part of.

It’s no surprise that the lodge’s most popular activity is gorilla trekking. You’ll never experience magic quite like this.

But, if you’re not keen on seeing gorillas, you can book a golden monkey trek. Make sure you book a safari to see lions, leopards, hippos, giraffes and zebras, (amongst many more).

If you’re not an animal fan, but you’re called to Rwanda, you can embrace the culture by meeting the local community.

Plus, walks on Bisate’s property offer participation in the reforestation program. So, you can help the animals by walking amongst them.

How beautiful is that?

Here’s an in-depth video of a fellow guest at Bisate Lodge:

The Retreat by Heaven

Contrasting with the complete secrecy of Bisate Lodge, The Retreat by Heaven is bang in the middle of Kigali.

You’re in the heart of the city, offering far more hustle and bustle.

The Retreat by Heaven offers 20 luxury rooms and is a melting pot of creators. The owners are American, the architects are Italian, and the builders and technicians are Rwandan.

This mixture of nationalities has worked in perfect harmony to create a 5-star luxury boutique hotel.

And it’s a beautiful place to stay for a honeymoon.

Their website states that The Retreat by Heaven has “a perfect combination of leafy tranquility, Rwandan flair, and contemporary buzz”.

It’s a great cocktail of natural meets modern meets romantic.

And, like Bisate Lodge, The Retreat by Heaven also values the importance of sustainability and wildlife. They were the first entirely eco-friendly, solar-powered resort in Kigali.

And they continue the appreciation of nature by giving each room access to their own front and back patios, which contain an outdoor rain shower.

Plus, a salt-water pool is a perfect way to cool down.

The Retreat by Heaven has it all. Spa treatments and massage. Meditation sessions. Yoga classes. Guided walks. Fresh, award-winning organic meals at their restaurant. Private fitness classes. Bicycle hire. Tennis courts.

And, if all that wasn’t enough, you can even book a class to learn the traditional Intore dances.

It’s all about the culture here. You’ll want for nothing and still want to experience more.

We love this honeymoon destination because:

  1. You will experience real adventure at every turn.

  2. You’ll see wild animals like gorillas and lions in their natural habitat.

  3. The locals respect and adore their wildlife.

  4. You’ll experience luxury while appreciating what mother nature has given us.

  5. Baby gorillas.

What activities can you do as newlyweds at this honeymoon destination?

  1. Gorilla + golden monkey trekking

  2. Safari

  3. Kayaking, hiking, cycling

  4. Coffee sampling

  5. Helicopter tours

Best time to go to Rwanda?

You’ll want to book your honeymoon in Rwanda between the months of December and early February. If not, go from June to September. These are the dry seasons. And, if you’re choosing Rwanda, chances are it’s for the vast array of stunning wildlife.

When the wet season approaches, these animals will be harder to spot.

And, to be honest, it puts a dampener on the experience.

Perfect for couples who:

Love an adrenaline rush.

These couples are looking for the adventure of a lifetime. They want to be able to tell their children and then their grandchildren about the heart-pumping, absolutely outstanding experiences they lived through on their honeymoon.

If you choose to go to Rwanda, you’ll also love and respect animals.

Where will I have seen Rwanda before?

Rwanda’s beautiful surroundings in ‘Hotel Rwanda’ hit the big screen in 2004.

Also, check out ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ (1988), where you can get a taste of the gorilla-rich environment.

The best honeymoon destination

And there you have it. We’ve made our way through 12 romantic honeymoon destinations.

While there are some obvious choices on our lists, there are also unique places that are not commonly selected when choosing your honeymoon location.

Have you read about our other favorite 9 honeymoon destinations?

So, what’s it gonna be?

Where, out of the 12 romantic honeymoon destinations on our list, are you jetting off to?

Let us know in the comments below.

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