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The Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations (Part 3)

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

honeymoon destination

After months of wedding prep and planning, you’re more than ready to jet off on your honeymoon. But, finding the best honeymoon destination for you and your partner isn’t easy. Let us do the hard work for you with part 3 of ‘The Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations’.

Haven’t read parts 1 and 2 yet? Check out part 1 here and part 2 here.

Honeymooning is something extremely special to you and your new spouse. And, why wouldn’t it be It’s your first vacation as a married couple. Not only is it a vacay, but it marks a new way of life. It’s the destination you visit as newlyweds to celebrate your love with just each other. So, picking the perfect honeymoon destination can weigh heavy on your shoulders.

But don’t panic. We’ve got your back. Part 3 of our favorite honeymoon destinations should help narrow down your ultimate choices. Once all 4 parts have been published, you can look at your list and make a decision together.

It’s obvious but I need to say it anyway:

What works for one couple may not work for another. We’re all different and have varied ‘success criteria’ when it comes to booking our honeymoons. For example, Disney World would be my absolute ultimate dream. But, for my mom? She’d rather die.

So, without further ado, let’s crack onto part 3 of ‘The Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations’.

Costa Rica

1. Costa Rica

Unleash your inner wild thang and embrace the luscious emerald forest in Costa Rica. You don’t get much more geologically diverse than the stunning Costa Rica. Ranging from volcanoes to the highlands to pristine coastlines, if you’re a nature lover, there ain’t no place better.

While you could spend your days lounging away at the resort, this would be an opportunity massively missed. Costa Rica is the perfect honeymoon destination for adventure seekers and those who experience wanderlust multiple times a day.

Of course, relax for a few days and embrace the oceanside.

But, don’t forget to hike through the surroundings, seeing colorful and vibrant birds in their natural habitats.

And the sloths you’ll see? They give off this sleepy energy that calms you to your very core.

(Plus, they are freakin’ adorable.)

Hot spring pools, torch-lit forest dinners, (not candles - you’re in a forest, don’t you know!), zip-lining through the tree-tops and magical waterfalls. Could you get much better?

(No. No you couldn’t.)

Costa Rica is literally everything you’ve ever dreamed of. And even then, it’s not a patch on the reality.

Where shall I stay in Costa Rica for my honeymoon?

As we did in parts 1 and 2, we’re bringing you 2 glorious choices of accommodation. There are so many resorts in Costa Rica where you could spend your honeymoon, but we’ve gone through 150 reviews, 14 websites and scoured the previous guest’s thoughts to bring you our top 2.

El Silencio Lodge + Spa, Central Highlands

Before we get into this, I must warn you: if you don’t already adore the thought of honeymooning in Costa Rica, you will in about 3 minutes time. And when you do, it’ll be hard to keep any other destination on your list.

Okay, I warned you.

Here goes.

El Silencio Lodge and Spa in the Central Highlands boasts luxury eco-lodge accommodation. They describe their lodges as “floating like a cloud in the rainforest canopy near the Poas Volcano” . And float, they do.

You’ll gain ultimate privacy and exclusivity here and, believe me when I say: it’s the most relaxing hotel in the mountains of Costa Rica.

Each and every lodge was designed and built to unite human beings with the wonder of nature. And it’s obvious from the second you set foot in El Silencio.

They offer an extensive list of activities that you can organise without having to leave the eco-friendly resort. From private, torch-lit meals within the heart of the forest to hiking throughout views that will astound and delight.

The food you’ll be served comes from El Silencio’s own organic farm which is sustainably sourced. So, eco-friendly couples? Look no further for mouth watering bites.

Make sure you book a horseback riding tour in the Hummingbird Garden. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sat on a saddle in your life. Just take it slow and live out your Prince and/or Princess fantasies.

Oh! And at the end of a busy day of adventure, nestle yourself into the comfy, hotel beds, knowing that, in the morning, you can attend a yoga session in the heart of the forest.

Complete zen with spices of adventure.

Can I come?

See? I told you. I warned you.

And now I’m going to make it even harder to consider other places.

Because you’ll now be picking between El Silencio and…

Parador Resort and Spa

Costa Rica adore their natural wildlife and do their best to ensure that the tourists who visit see them as just as much of a magical spectacle as they do.

Nowhere is that truer than the Parador Resort and Spa.

This resort is the ultimate definition of ‘responsible luxury’. Their tagline is “friendly by nature. Responsible by choice.” and it’s evident in everything they do and offer from the moment you step foot into the resort.

The Parador Resort and Spa sits within the high levels of Punta Quepos, overlooking the wonders of the Pacific Ocean. It’s nestled within 12 acres of wildlife from the tropical rainforest and the globally-famed Manuel Antonio National Park.

Like I said, the people of Costa Rica adore their wildlife.

It’s no surprise, then, that you will be sharing your stay with tropical species of monkeys, sloths and brightly colored birds like macaws, toucans and falcons.

Seriously: if you love animals, look no further.

Plus, seeing them thrive in an environment that respects their natural instinct hits differently than going to a zoo.

The Parador Resort and Spa is the only full service resort in Manuel Antonio. It’s got 130 rooms and suites, all designed to make your stay completely unforgettable.

Every morning, you’ll be welcomed by a mouthwatering breakfast buffet. After that, take a dip in the ocean view swimming pools, book a treatment in the gloriously relaxing spa and reserve a table for a private, romantic dinner.

Then, return to your suite with a smile on your face, knowing that, when you wake to birdsong, you can do it all over again.

We love this honeymoon destination because:

  1. The people of Costa Rica adore and respect their wildlife, allowing it to blossom the way it should and permitting you to see the wonders of the animal kingdom.

  2. It’s the epitome of the word ‘zen’.

  3. The perfect combo of relaxation and adventure.

What activities can you do as newlyweds at this honeymoon destination?

  1. Hiking

  2. Swimming

  3. Ziplining (through a rainforest!)

  4. Yoga

  5. Horseback riding

Best time to go to Costa Rica?

To make the most out of your time in Costa Rica, you’ll want to book your honeymoon between the middle of December to April. This is the dry season where you’ll be able to tolerate the heat without the heavy humidity the wet season brings with it.

Perfect for couples who:

Adore wildlife and nature. Those seeking adventure amongst the treetops and want a total escape from their routine and daily lives.

Couples who want to experience the place they’re honeymooning will adore the magic that Costa Rica reveals.

Where will I have seen Costa Rica before?

Remember in 2002 when Spy Kids 2 was released? Everyone said “I wonder where it was filmed. It looks so beautiful there.” Yeah. That was Costa Rica.

A more recent production was Suicide Squad in 2016.


2. Fiji

White, powdery sand, swaying palm trees, giant mountains and blue lagoons. It’s no wonder that Fiji is the classic honeymoon destination.

Like Costa Rica, Fiji is a cocktail of tropical rainforest, volcanoes and beaches. With 330 islands each worthy of a postcard image, there’s unlimited magic to unfold within Fiji.

You’ll want to make time to visit Laucala. A firm favorite for honeymooners, this is a private island destination which allows you to feel like time has truly stopped.

Sustainable cuisine, diving, golf and horseback riding are just a few of the activities you can indulge in.

The people of Fiji are well known for their warmth and hospitality, encouraging all tourists to live life on ‘Fiji time’.

One thing you should know about Fiji: rugby is king here.

The islanders adore the sport and hold it just as high as religion. So, if you happen to visit when there’s a rugby game on and they win, the atmosphere is electrifying.

You’ll also need to spare some time to visit Mamanuca Islands. These babies are considered the most picturesque islands in all of Fiji. And considering you could land on any one of these islands and think you’re dreaming, the Mamanuca Islands are more than worth their reputation.

Snorkelling in the Fijian waters will unleash an undersea city full of coral and fish citizens, swimming around in the warmth of their environment.

This alone makes Fiji one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations on our planet, especially for those who enjoy nature and birdwatching.

But don’t be fooled. You can still embrace adrenaline here. Visit the natural waterslide in Waitavala and skydive from up to 14,000 ft over the coral reefs for jaw-dropping views of the islands.

Still looking for more adventure? Nothing will get your heart racing more than a jet-ski safari tour, followed by diving up close with sharks.

Adrenaline junkies will feel right at home in this tropical wonderland.

Where shall I stay in Fiji for my honeymoon?

We’ve got 2 beautiful resorts for you to choose from. Both allow you to sample Fiji in utter luxury, with various activities available without even stepping foot out of the resort.

Vomo Island Resort

If you’re looking to stay in a resort where time stands still and you can finally embrace the beauty of Fiji, look no further. Vomo Island Resort is the place for you.

In fact, it’s been the favorite of couples for years. It’s probably down to the 2 private islands belonging to the hotel. Or, it could be the award winning spa.

Maybe the atmospheric bars? Or, even the taste sensations of local cuisine.

Whatever it is: Vomo Island Resort is a palace fit for royalty, and a marvelous place to begin your adventure as a married couple.

They say that “you’ll want for nothing” when staying here.

We totally buy it.

Stay in luxury beachfront resort villas or truly indulge and rest your head in the stunning private beachfront residences with a private butler included.

There’s no surprise that Vomo Island Resort was voted #1 for Fiji’s Best Resort Property.

Plus, there’s an adults only pool, allowing you to truly escape without little angels splashing you from bomb-diving into the water.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

This lagoon escape is a resort built only for couples. The exclusivity will help you relax entirely. No screaming children, no crying - just you and your new spouse.

The Likuliku Lagoon Resort is the first and only resort in Fiji with totally authentic over-water villas in a natural ocean lagoon. Not to mention that it’s surrounded by a protected marine sanctuary. The ocean wildlife feel safe in these waters, so don’t be surprised to get up close and personal to a few clown fish.

The resort is proud to be tied to Fiji in every way. From “cultural values, traditional design and architecture”, allowing you to truly embrace the values the people of Fiji hold dear.

They tell their guests that this resort is a “magical sanctuary”. It lives up to its name from day one.

Within the resort, you’ll find Tatadre Spa. This translates to “house of dreams”, which makes sense. The moment you enter, you’ll feel as relaxed as you do before you drift off to sleep.

The spa is comfortably nestled between the green slopes of the island. Wherever you turn, you’ll be met with sparkling views of the lagoon. The warm breeze is like a little slice of heaven.

The Likuliku Resort has a schedule of activities that changes each and every day. Some include stand up paddle-boarding, sailing, kayaking and snorkeling. They even provide complimentary snorkeling equipment.

Not to mention tours of the land and sea. If you’re a nature lover, make sure you book an Iguanas Experience where you learn about the wild fascinations of our lizardy friends. You’ll get a tour of the resort’s own iguana sanctuary, breeding cages and see them in their natural habitat.

From sunset cruises to daylight tours of the village, it’s true that you’ll “want for nothing” at this luxury resort.

We love this honeymoon destination because:

  1. It’s a firm honeymoon classic for traditional romantics.

  2. Fijian culture is as warm as the powdery sand you step on.

  3. It’s the ultimate escapism from daily life. Plus, the sunsets are to die for.

What activities can you do as newlyweds at this honeymoon destination?

  1. Beaching

  2. Snorkeling

  3. Golf

  4. Horseback riding

  5. Bird + nature watching

Best time to go to Fiji?

The peak season for Fiji is between July and September. While the wet season is November to April, Fiji has year-round warm temperatures. However, if you choose the cheaper alternative of visiting during the wet season, be aware that mosquitos are at their most bite-y and the humidity is tricky to hike through.

Perfect for couples who:

Are traditionalists at heart. They want to go somewhere they know will be magical without having to worry otherwise. Fiji is perfect for couples who want to plan out their time amongst nature and each other, combined by the warm power of the sun.

Where will I have seen Fiji before?

You’ll have seen Fiji in Tom Cruise’s ‘Cast Away’ in 2000. Beautiful surroundings for a pretty beautiful actor.

(Hey! I’m human, okay?)


3. Iceland

Bet you weren’t expecting that, right? We’ve flown from tropical paradise to the cold, bitterness of Iceland.

This honeymoon destination isn’t for the faint hearted. But, for those seeking magical adventures? This is right up your street.

When anyone says ‘Iceland’, the first thing you think of is ‘Northern Lights’, and for good reason. This natural phenomenon is ten times more magical in the flesh as it is on tv.

There are endless opportunities for adventure when trekking around Iceland. Whether you go by foot or you ride one of the famous Icelandic horses, (who are both small and mighty), you’ll explore the wonders of caves, volcanoes, ice fields and glaciers. And, to wash it down, take a dip in the natural hot springs and lagoons.

Sure, Iceland is cold. But your adrenaline and honeymooning will be more than enough to keep you warm.

Your first visit should be to the Blue Lagoon. The geothermal spa sits between 98 and 104 degrees fahrenheit and the milky blue water is a warm welcome from the cold air.

You’ll find no white, powdery sand here. In its place, jet black sand and lava fields. There’s no other word for it: it’s just so cool. (Pardon the pun.)

Make time for exploring Iceland’s Golden Circle, which can be explored within a few hours. While it won’t take long to get around, the memories of viewing the magic of nature in things like Thingvellir National Park, Strokkur Geyser and the Gullfoss Waterfall will last forever.

If you love whales, make sure you book your honeymoon in April. That’s when whale season begins, and you can book a boat to marvel at the majesty of humpback whales, porpoises and orcas.

Hardcore adrenaline junkies can even descend by 400ft into a dormant volcano. Again, it’s not for the faint hearted. But, if you and your new spouse want to kick things off in style, look no further.

Where shall I stay in Iceland for my honeymoon?

While all of our other honeymoon destinations have 2 choices for your accommodation, there is only need for one honorary mention in our Icelandic honeymoon. And you’re about to see why.

Retreat at Blue Lagoon

Retreat at Blue Lagoon’s website states, from the moment you land on their homepage, that you’re about to “unlock the door to a wonder of the world.”

And that it does.

Each suite is designed in a modern, contemporary style, with clean lines and local, natural textures. It’s clear how much thought went into designing this Icelandic haven. The space is so warm, you’ll forget the crispness of the air surrounding you.

And don’t get me started on Lava Cove. They describe it as “a spa within a spa”. It’s built and designed for ultimate exclusivity. With its own lagoon, (rich in minerals and detoxifying ingredients), a wood burning fireplace, your own dining area, a kitchen and a butler, you’ll never want to leave your secret space.

Plus, the in water massage? There’s nothing like it.

You’re also on the doorstep of the retreat’s own personal lagoon, with the water flowing from the same spring as the Blue Lagoon. You’ll gain all of the magical wonders of the waters in the Blue Lagoon but without the crowds. And, who wants crowds on their honeymoon?

No, this is a time for you two, and you two only.

The resort offers hikes, tours, sightseeing, spa treatments and swimming facilities.

If you choose Iceland as your honeymoon destination, there’s no finer place to stay.

What activities can you do as newlyweds at this honeymoon destination?

  1. Hiking and trekking, (and lots of it).

  2. Take a dip in the natural springs and lagoons.

  3. Go on a boat tour to see majestic whales in their icy environment.

  4. Climb into a dormant volcano.

  5. See the Northern Lights.

Best time to go to Iceland?

The most popular time to visit Iceland is between June and August, and it’s when the icy country is at its warmest. That said, with the sun comes crowds. And, let’s be honest: if you were worried about the temperature, you wouldn’t be considering Iceland. September to March are the most likely months to see the Northern Lights. And it’s totally worth the cold chill.

Perfect for couples who:

Enjoy being unique and get bored sitting down for too long. Iceland is all about being fast paced and embracing the wonder of nature. You’ll need to be okay with the cold weather and see it as a way of cuddling up to your new partner rather than a dampener on your honeymoon.

If you want sun and snorkeling, this isn’t your place.

Where will I have seen Iceland before?

Game of Thrones fan? The popular tv series was filmed all over Iceland. If not, Myrdalssandur beach was shot in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The best honeymoon destination

We’ve almost made our way through all 4 parts of our best honeymoon destinations. We’ve got 1 part to go with 3 spots open. Make sure your dream honeymoon destination makes the cut!


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